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Forms for Nomination of Examiners - Academic Year 2015/16

Level of Application of Computer Technology among Dentists in Nairobi, Kenya.

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The availability of computers and associated technology in most of the zo" and this
century has permitted the enhancement of both simple tasks such as data collection
and complex functions such as those seen in the arena of communication and
cutting edge research.
The primary benefit drawn from the use of computers in tasks initially performed by
humans is the accuracy and reproducibility of the results obtained. Tirelessly
efficient, these machines have allowed for accurate data collection, exchange of
such data, accurate measurements, and treatment procedures.
This will be a descriptive cross-sectional study aimed at determining the level of
application of computer technology among dentists in Nairobi. A total of 120 dentists
who will be selected using convenience sampling method will be enrolled in the
study. Data will be collected using a self-administered questionnaire.
This study will be carried out in Nairobi, capital city of Kenya. The subject of this
study will be the qualified dentists in active practise within the city. Itinerant dentists
and those on attachment or similar positions will not be included in the study.
The results of this study will be used to determine the percentage of dentists who
make use of computers, and for what purposes, in their practice of dentistry. This
information can then be used to develop programmes that will maintain or enhance
the use of computer technology among dentists in Nairobi.

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