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Forms for Nomination of Examiners - Academic Year 2015/16

knowledge attitudes and practices regarding antibiotic prophytaxis among dental practitioners in Nairobi.

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There is no agreed standard peotocol in Kenya for antibiotic prophylaxis.
Furthermore! there is no knowfedge of the OJrrent prescribing trend in Kenya.
There has been no other study carried out in Kenya OIl the knowfedge, attitudes
and practices of antibiotic prophytaxis among dental practitioners.
The objective of this study was to estabtish the knowfedge" attibJdes and
practices regarding antibiotic prophytaxis among denta practitioners in Nairobi.
This was a descriptive aoss-sectional study. My study area was the city of
Nairobi. The study population encompassed a I dental practitioners in Nairobi.
These dentists have their own private practice; ark in the University of Nairobi
Dental hospital 01'" in mission hospitals; are employed by the Kenyatta National
hospital or a combination of any of the above. A seIf-admonistered questionnaire
was used as a data co Iection instrument They ere issued to the respondents
by hand delivery by the researcher himself. The respondents were interviewed
on the regimen they have adopted for adDotic prophytaxis and their attitudes
towards the same. The data collected was analyzed manually and with the help
of a computer whereI:Jv the programme SPSS as used.
The findings from the study were thelefore be used to review the current
practices regarding antibiotic prophylaxis.
Results: 17(51.5%) denta practitioners admitted having knowledge of a regimen
recommended by a Pl0fessional body but ooIy a few mentioned ADA without
quoting the partiwlars of the regimen. However, 16 (485Ofo), do not have
knowledge of the recommended regimen~ Questioned 00 the timing of the drug
administration, 20 (58.8%) mentioned 1 hot..u- before procedure while 14
(41.2%) mentioned thrice a day. 10 (29.4%) respondents mentioned continued
administration of the drugs post-operative. In adOltion, on 17 (50.00/0)
mentioned 3 grams ofamoxici Ontaken lhour before procedure.
Conclusion: Dental practitioner in Nairobi use antibiotic proph.ytaxis in widely
varying unconventional protocoIs~ There needs to be a KMPD8 recommended
protocol that applies COlBlbywide to guide the use of antibiotic prophylaxiS in

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