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Patient Compliance to Treatment Procedures in Conservative Clinic at the University of Nairobi Dental Hospital

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Dental restorative procedures include crown and bridge, masking and bleaching, plastic restoration, and endodontic treatment. For these procedures to be completed, more than one appointment is required. For this to be achieved its imperative that the patient comply with the treatment plan designed by the clinician. This has not been the case in dental settings as most patients fail to comply with treatment after emergency treatment has been undertaken. At the moment there is scanty information on the magnitude of this problem especially in the conservative clinic.


The aim of the study was to assess the level of compliance to restorative procedures among patients visiting conservative clinic at university of Nairobi dental hospital. A descriptive cross-sectional study was done. The sample was drawn from records of patients seen in the conservative clinic in 2002 academic year. The variables were age, sex, and marital status, type of restorative treatment, residential area and level of compliance which was graded as full for those who completed their treatment and none for those who did not.


The study was carried out at university dental hospital which is a teaching and referral hospital. A sample size of383 was targeted and selected using a table of random numbers. Due to time factor, data was collected from 334 files of which 34 were excluded due to incomplete medical records Data collection forms were used. Analysis was done using MS-ACCESS and results presented in tables, graphs and pie charts.


Out of 300 records, 176 (58%) were females while 124 (42%) were males. 162 (54%) had full compliance while 138(46%) did not comply.


More females complied than males. The younger age group had better compliance than the elderly. There was no marked difference in level of compliance between patients living in Nairobi and those living outside Nairobi.


In conclusion it was found that compliance depend on variable factors including age, sex, marital status but not residential area and type of treatment.


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