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Forms for Nomination of Examiners - Academic Year 2015/16

Patterns of Mandibular fractures and their management modalities at UDH and KNH from 2006-2008

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Background: Mandibular fractures are among the most common facial fractures after the nasal bone and may not be well managed due to few oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Kenya. Mandibular fractures result in loss of function and disfigurement. Violence is on the rise due to an upsurge in criminal gangs and outlawed violent groups. RTAs are also on the rise due to laxity on compliance with road safety measures. Objective: To determine the etiology and the patterns of mandibular fractures and the management modalities used among patients seen at UDH and KNH from 2006-2008. Study population: All patients admitted with mandibular fractures.
Study design: A descriptive retrospective cross-sectional study.
Study area: The study will be carrled out at ODrf anaKNl=t-.---- ..----
Materials and methods: Clinical records of all patients admitted in UDH and KNH
will be analyzed. The anatomical location of the fracture, sex, age, cause of injury,
management of injury and arising post-management complications will be
recorded. The appendix will be used to collect data.
Data analysis: Data will be analyzed using computer SPSS-package and
statistically tested using chi-square. The mean, mode, median and standard
deviation as well as percentages will be calculated. Obtained results will be
presented as tables, pie charts and bar graphs.
Perceived benefits: The data collected will aid in formulation of policies geared
towards the prevention of future occurrences. It will also help surgeons anticipate
and plan for post-treatment complications.

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