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Knowledge and attitude towards Dental Fluorosis in a High School in Naivasha

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There is a worrisome increase in prevalence of dental fluorosis worldwide. This is due to excessive intake of fluoride. This could be due to intake of water containing excess fluoride, foodstuffs or excessive intake of fluoride supplements. Dental fluorosis affects enamel and ranges from chalky white opacities, brown discolorations of teeth, focal loss of enamel to total loss of enamel. Discolouration induced by fluorosis, particularly in its advanced form can cause significant stress to the impacted child resulting in adverse effects on esteem, emotional health and career success. The rate of bone fracture among children with fluorosis is higher than in children without fluorosis. This study will be aimed at determining the knowledge and attitude towards dental fluorosis in a high school in Naivasha. The sample size will consist of one hundred and eighty-four students who will include students from Form I to Form IV. These students will be randomly selected using simple random sampling method. Self-administered questionnaires will be issued for the students to fill. The results obtained will be used by health care providers to formulate policies to formulate policies on water defluoridation measures, prevention and provision of a higher level of knowledge on dental fluorosis.

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