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Forms for Nomination of Examiners - Academic Year 2015/16


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Commitment to Service Delivery

In our service delivery, we pledge that:

1. Students admitted to the School shall receive admission letters eight (8) weeks prior to reporting date.

2. The orientation of students admitted to the School shall be undertaken within one (1) week after reporting date.

3. Upon registration, a student shall be issued with guidelines on academic programmes, examination rules, fees structure, student support services and disciplinary procedures.

4. All lectures and other learning activities shall be conducted fully and on time, as per approved schedules.

5. Supervisors of projects, dissertations and thesis shall give feedback to their students within two (2) weeks of receiving the student work.

 6. Consolidated mark sheets shall be finalized and forwarded to Examinations Office within four (4) weeks following the end of examination.

7. Disciplinary cases for students and staff shall be completed within a period of thirty (30) working days. 8. Staff performance appraisal shall be conducted between October and March every academic year.

9. School library shall be open from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on weekdays

10. Queries from library users shall be responded to within one (1) day.

11. School based recruitment and promotion shall be completed within twelve (12) weeks from advertisement to issuance of letters.

12. The Finance Department shall observe all financial regulations and procedures, ensure adherence to budgetary provisions; and process approved payments within three (3) days.

13. Procurement of goods and services shall be done within four (4) weeks, after approval by College Procurement Committee and in line with the University and government procurement regulations

14. The School shall maintain a healthy, safe and pleasant environment.

15. The School shall be illicit drug free and a no smoking zone.

16. The School shall be a CORRUPTION FREE zone

17. The School shall facilitate students to attend sport activities.

18. Transport shall be provided on time as per approved requests.

19. Quality ICT services shall be provided to students and staff.

20. All telephone calls shall be attended to within twenty (20) seconds.

 21. Routine correspondence shall be replied to within seven (7) days from the date of receipt.

22. The School shall not condone impropriety.

 23. Clearance of students and staff shall be finalized within two (2) days.

24. Timelines shall be observed in the course of service delivery.

25. The School shall endeavor to link industry and students to secure them employment and internship.

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